Platin - Proof of Location Protocol on the Blockchain

Platin is a lightweight, secure and verifiable Proof of Location (PoL) protocol on the blockchain

Platin Protocol

Platin is a lightweight, secure and verifiable Proof of Location (PoL) protocol on the blockchain based on three primary pillars:

Platin's three pillars of PoL provide a secure and robust PoL protocol while directly incentivizing participating nodes.

Use Cases

Air Drops (Humanitarian)

Air Drops (Humanitarian)

  • Disintermediating middlemen - Directly distribute aid in real-time ensuring fair & even distribution
  • No waste - unclaimed cryptocurrencies revert back to senders
  • No hoarding - blockchain policies enforce throttling, rate limiting & per wallet limitations
  • Fair - Prevent bad actors from siphoning off humanitarian aid and funds before they can reach the needy
Air Drops (Urban)

The commercial airdrop of cryptocurrencies at select locations incentivizes population movement while also providing an innovative way to acquire direct human traffic.

The negligible amount of friction caused when deploying Platin combined with its powerful incentives makes for an enduring use case on Platin's stackable secure location protocol.

KYC & Address Verifications

Financial and other institutions under KYC & AML restrictions can create single-use, individual airdrops to be claimed within a fixed timeframe for secure verification of physical presence.

Users complete secure address KYC based on Platins' PoL without having to upload easily spoofable utility bills.

Supply Chain

Every product has a story, as they have materials sourced in one location, assembled in another, and sold in still another. The location is a critical piece of information enabling trust of manufacturers, distributers and consumers to know the provenance of every component.

Certification, governance, audits and fair trade require this information as well. Platin proof of location is the simple way to solve this problem without middlemen.


Anyone with the Platin Pocket™ app on their smartphone can collect simply by exercising. Once they run or walk along the app's predetermined route during their workout, they will see and earn Platin coin.

Integration with popular fitness reporting on social media means that other cryptocurrency and exercise enthusiasts will see the Platin drop and join in to earn more.

Currency Geofencing

Federated user onboarding allows for quick distribution of a geo-bound national cryptocurrency based on the Platin PoL protocol.

Currencies can be geo-locked within a country's borders as decided by the issuing authority.


Incentivized Witnessing & Mining PTN

The natural, ongoing movement of people enables anyone with a smartphone to passively and anonymously (using zero knowledge proofs) to witness peers and earn PTN coin while engaging with Platin's PoL protocol on the blockchain.

Platin Plexus

Platin's blockchain, the Plexus, enables:

Platin Pocket

Mobile-based computation: Early secure location recognition based on self-signed sensor fusion, with possible augmentation by means of local trusted beacons on the PlatiNet. These have an inherently high trust score and their attestations and witnessing of roaming nodes claiming a location, are treated with high confidence. Platin Pocket also enables wallet, airdrop, claiming, mining and standard send and receive functionality.

Platin Policy

Each coin airdropped at a location on the map is enforced by a policy stating the terms for that coin. Policies are created via the Platin API and include claim radius & promiscuity, time limitations, wallet throttling, multi-node requirements, movement & behavior, transaction confirmations, authentication, and more.

Zero Knowledge Proofs

Platin nodes can challenge one another with unique, one-off non-replayable queries using asymmetric cryptographic signatures and ZK Snarks. Cryptographically secured ZK allows mining of PTN and claiming money from a location without compromising privacy or revealing one's identity. Verify a node's identity without ever revealing their identity. Verify a node's location without ever revealing their location.



White Paper

We are happy to share with you the latest version of the Platin White Paper (release candidate). This version of the White Paper introduces new research breakthroughs in Proof of Location (PoL) and incentivized witnessing on top of Platin's distributed secure location protocol while providing a general overview of the Platin architecture.

Download the whitepaper

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